• Simple view of ALL your finances in one place? Done.

    See all your accounts--even 401k's--in one place with a beautiful online experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Stay in the know. Get weekly updates on all your finances.

    Get your big picture financial status and monitor changes, delivered to your inbox every week.

  • Need an expert co-pilot? Pathway is ready to help.

    Easy access to your full financial picture is good, but an expert to help you make key decisions is even better.

  • Total Transparency.

    Know the performance of every account. Understand what you own and see what you are actually invested in.

Everything important to your financial life in one place

  • The weekly email update is great! It helps me stay informed and I finally feel on top of my finances.
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Pathway Weekly Email Feature

From investments to mortgages, credit card fraud monitoring, weekly updates and more - get a clear view of your total financial life.
Try it for 3 months

It’s easy to set up your free account in less than 3 minutes. Help is available if you need it.

We’re obsessive about security. Our platform uses bank-level security, we never store your login information, and all information is "read-only"

Our system is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with the trial?

The first step in figuring out if we’re a good fit to work together is for us to do an analysis of your situation and come back to you with our thoughts. We have a way of doing our analysis that will save you lots of time, avoid paperwork hassles, and give you a unique view into how we work.

You get:

1. An invitation to our CLIENT system

Yes, our actual client system. It means that you’ll be on the exact same system as our current clients. That will give you a feel for working with us before you agree to become a client. It’s a sort of try before you buy approach that allows you to get to know us better while we do our analysis.

2. Automagical financial organization

Our system automates the gathering of your financial information. Rather than gathering paper statements, it allows you to provide us the information electronically and automatically. It saves you time, and it will allow us to do our work and get back to you more quickly since the information will be automatically available in our system for analysis.

3. An easy transition to becoming a client

This is the same system that will we use with our clients. It gives you complete, transparent access to information about the money we’re managing and at the same time gives you a complete picture of all of your money that is always up to date. It's easy to become a Pathway client from the trial.

How does the system work?

Our platform is designed to be easy to set up and use. Getting started is easy:

1. Email invitation

We will send you an email invitation to get set up on our system.

2. Securely link your accounts

Our system will walk you through how to add all your accounts. Security is paramount. Our platform uses bank-level security, we never store your login information, and all information is "read-only"; no trades can be made on this platform.

3. Organize your accounts

You can create custom groups for your accounts. Your can put all retirement accounts into a "Retirement" group; all you 529 College Savings Plans can go in the "College" group; all your loans and mortgages in a "Debt" group. Staying organized is easy.

Is the system secure?

At Pathway, our highest priority is the security of our clients' data. We and our partners meet or exceed strict financial industry standards for security, while emphasizing a simple, easy-to-use platform.

Intuit-Yodlee-Quovo Logos - All 3

1. Trusted partners

We use the same technology backbone as popular personal finance tool Mint.com. We work with industry leaders Yodlee, Intuit (maker of Mint.com), and Quovo, companies trusted by hundreds of financial institutions to keep client data secure.

2. Store only what you need

We collect and store only the information we need to help you understand your finances. We intentionally do not collect sensitive data such as account numbers, birth dates or addresses.

3. Your password is safe

Our system will never store your financial institutions’ usernames and passwords on our servers. Those usernames and passwords remain on our partners’ secure servers – the same servers that hold client data for Bank of America, Fidelity, and hundreds of other trusted institutions.

4. Limited "read-only" access

Our system has been designed with limited "read-only" access. This means our platform can only see your data, it can't make trades or move money. You are always in the driver's seat. We simply access financial information, only you can act on it.

5. Encrypt all data

We never store your financial institutions’ usernames and passwords in any database, and your personal financial information is encrypted. All interactions with our software runs over secure HTTP with transport layer security (TLS, formerly SSL) protecting any communications from being intercepted.

  • I can finally keep an eye on all my accounts in one place. So cool and helpful!

See the Complete Financial Picture

Understanding your complete financial situation is a vital first step to achieving financial security. Get started today and let’s build your wealth together.